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"We're all in different bands together ..."


*Vocals - T. Gath *Rhythm Guitars - T. Gath
*Lead Guitars - T. Gath
*Bass Guitar - T. Gath
*Drums - Kyle and Quincy

*Recorded by - T. Gath
*Performed, Mixed and Mastered by - T. Gath at "Gath Mountain Studios" in early 2021.
Dark Side - Guru V Mix *Bass Guitar - Guru V *Backing Vocals: Guru V *Re Mix by Guru V at "Leafro Studios", Vancouver, BC - Early 2021

Tribal Revival Band is: Marc Ryan
Sonny B.
Greg Marsted
Mike Starmer
Stevie Daniels
T. Gath
Like I said, It's all about us :-)

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November 27, 2022 - December 03, 2022
November 27, 2022 - December 03, 2022
09:00am - 10:00am  Cancel HBO    ::  Hope to see you there!

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Tribal Duo
Tribal Revival Band
Tribal Revival Band

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Impromptu Duo
Pirates Birthday
Jiggs Sign
Unreal Village
Unreal Trio
1986 - Ed Tryon's Graduation Party
T. Gath's Tele
Marc and Me @ Treleavan
Buffalo Fireworks!
Means Business
In The Buffalo Field
Meet T. Gath
Tommy Gath is a seasoned musician whose experience spans nearly fifty years and thousands of miles.

From the ”Dash Riprock” days of the 1970's to recent solo, duo and band performances, he is driven by his rock and roll soul. From the band “Chateau's” grandstand performance at the Franklin County Fair to the ’Bestbar’ in Times Square, he has rocked across New York State and beyond.

During the years with “The Styles Band” as well as “Tribal Revival” and Muddy Dove” Tommy Gath's bands have opened up for Rare Earth, John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band, Pat Travers, and Ben Orr of The Cars.

In the early 2000s Tommy passed some time in southwest Louisiana learning cajun style and playing along side some of the Cajun greats. Notably were Al Berard, Sam Broussard and Leo Abshire. This period included a week long music camp at the Augusta Heritage Center in Elkins, West Virginia studying both Cajun and Country guitar styles.

Currently Tommy is packing the years and miles into acoustic solo performances with guitar and harmonica and also with long time friends and musical associates, Marc Ryan , Ted Walsh, Sonny B. and the rest of his extended musical family ".

Keeping The Dream Alive

Standing here where dreams and life collide... Music brought us to this place and time... Me on my side, you on yours connected by each line... So Cheers!… to this moment in time and keeping the dream alive....

Guitars, strings, amps, PA systems, lights, cables, cords, pickup trucks, gasoline, promotion, printing, websites, studio time etc., etc., etc.

Without you it wouldn’t be the same ... Without you it’d be a different game ... You and me together here to night... Is what it takes to keep the dream alive...

Is what it takes to keep this dream alive!....

The History - Bands Over Time

Dash Riprock Rick Starmer | Mike Leaf | Adam Galucci | Dave Salce | Tommy Gath

1976 - 1976

Chateau Malone, NY | Grandstand show at the Franklin County Fair

Lixx Mel Drake | Nancy Mead | Uncle Rocker | Drummer

1986 - 1988
1988 - 1999

The Styles Band John Glezen | Jack Tyler | Joey Allen | Kenny Rommer | Tommy Gath

Muddy Dove Ricky Starmer | Mike Starmer | Marc Ryan | Joey Allen | Tommy Gath

2000 - 2005
2010 - 2021

Tribal Revival Marc Ryan | Sonny B. | Greg Marsted | Stevie Daniels | Tommy Gath

The Tribal Revival Duo Marc Ryan | Tommy Gath

2015 - Present
2013 - present

Unreal Village Ted Walsh | Tommy Gath

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